PPR Education | South Africa

Our Intervention

PPR Education is a non-profit initiative that offers a number of unique solutions to assist with the typical problems faced by education in Africa. Some of our interventions are listed below:

-  Fast track improvements of underperforming schools, mostly from under privileged sectors. We have a unique program that address the many malaise such schools face. Introduce new systems that helps rekindle joy of teaching and instill a culture of learning. 

- Mathematics represent the biggest nightmare for most children in school and is at the root of dislike of education itself. PPR introduces a special program to help children early on (from age 4 and 14 years ) to become good with number, improve brain power and see themselves as smart and self confident.

- We. offer coaching class conducted online to assist with Nationsl Benchmark Test that is mandatory to gain admission in most South Africn Universities.

- High drop out rate at Universites and colleges represent a major problem not just to the Univesities, but for parents, learners and society at large. PPR  tackles this effectively by introducing unique set of systems and technology.

- A vibrant human resource development is the key to a thriving eduction system. PPR offers programs of self development for teachers using EQ programs to help them achieve goals they set for themselves. Secondly PPR introduces special  yoga classes in schools that helps learners gain more flexibility and improve concentration