Our History

PPR EDUCATION was conceived in 2010 by Mohan Nair and Romina Nair, a father and daughter team, with an objective of doing selfless service to society by making a contribution in a field that our whole family are very passionate about.

The concept of PPR Education was derived by studying the educational models existing in India, US and then creating a system that is dovetailed to suite South Africa conditions.

In 2010, focus was mainly on doing research work on under-privileged schools mainly at the outskirts of Durban, in consultations with Dept. of Education.

2011 – focus was mainly to introduce podcast making to individual teachers and assessing their comfort levels with various options and systems. Previous year  Grade 12 exam papers were solved by teachers using podcasts and distributed to their students as DVD’s.

2012- We introduced program to all 8 under-privileged schools identified by Dept of Education. One school , Siphesisle High School, was selected as focus for the year- since this was a school that was showing a gradual decline  in standard of education and Matric results.

The amazing results achieved in this school as seen by the Matric results  is now encouraging us to expand the program to other schools in the coming years.