About Us

Our Vision



PR Education is a non-profit initiative focused on addressing the challenges facing education in South Africa. PPR is about Podcast, Partnership and Recognition-based education.

An approach that involves use of technology and team spirit, with a primary focus on educators as a conduit to improving overall performance.



What We Do



PR Education has worked closely with the Department of Education (DoE) – Teaching and Learning Skills to develop a program that will see technology being implemented at schools in order to address the widespread challenges faced by these schools. Socio-economic challenges are by far the biggest hurdle we seek to help schools overcome but our biggest goal is to enthuse learners and educators with the love of learning. Learners especially in recent times have lost the hunger for knowledge. On a daily basis educators face an uphill battle of trying to cope with the extremely limited attention-span of learners. Educators become demotivated when not yielding the results they expect, and learners get into a culture of going through the motions instead of giving off their best. The result is a dwindling supply of quality educators and poor matric results.




The solution - A paradigm shift in education.



PR Education helps to enrich the learning experience at schools by providing solutions to many of the challenges faced by learners and teachers alike.

We do this according to the following program:

A school would typically join the program by taking the PPR Pledge. We conduct training workshops to train educators on how to develop their own podcasts for use with their learners, how to present them in class, how to distribute them, how to run (manage) online classes in the Virtual Classroom, and how to use PPR Live to do web-based teaching sessions. A training workshop is provided to get the educators familiar with the technology involved and the ways in which it can be used to augment the teaching process.

The main elements of the PPR Education program are; podcast-creation, utilizing the virtual classroom including PPR Live, learner-study-groups (LSG), and creating a system of community-based rewards and recognition.

To provide a rather brief explanation of the above terms; a podcast is a broad term used to various forms of video lessons on a certain topic, the Virtual Classroom is a virtual (online) learning environment (VLE) where learners access lessons, resources and activities for each of the subjects that they do at school, and PPR Live is a web conferencing system that enables educators to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students.  Learner study groups are after school additional study sessions where groups of learners; review podcast lessons, discuss material, complete activities. LSG sessions have an average duration of 1 - 1.5 hours and group activity is overseen by a designated coordinator. During the sessions learners use android (portable) tablet PCs to view podcast lessons and to complete online activities. The system of rewards and recognition involves creating a partnership between local businesses and schools where businesses are able to contribute to the sustained development of their local communities.

Once the teachers are familiar with the ins-and-outs of the different elements involved, we assist them by helping them utilize the various resources in their teaching. In an ideal scenario an educator would be able to create podcast lessons which he/she can either present during class or make available to learners in advance to prepare for upcoming lessons or as a revision tool to prepare for examinations. The educator is also better able to utilize class-time by following the reports generated from the Virtual Classroom facility. Each learner will be able to complete each of the lessons that comprise their annual syllabus at their own pace, and as often as they need to in order to master the content. The learner has access to study material before class – to prepare for lessons, and after class – for going through past-year papers and revising lessons for comprehensive examination revision.