PPR EDUCATION is a project conceived and managed by Mohan Nair and his family. Hailing from middle class family in India, Mohan and wife Deena grew up in families that gave overwhelming importance to education with some of the siblings becoming teachers. Paying for his own education, Mohan became an engineer, did his MBA and finally CIMA London. Deena did her Bachelors degree in Science, additional degree in arts and another degrees in law and finally completed her MBA. Elder daughter is Romina Nair a chemical engineer and younger daughter Natasha Nair is studying business sciences. 
Inspired by the 1994 miracle of South Africa, Mohan left his comfortable job as a senior manager in a london based multinational company and came to South Africa in 1995 and invest all his savings in this country to become an Entrepreneur.  Victoria International, the company they started is today a well established medium sized company doing well on its own right. 
PPR EDUCATION started in 2010, when daughter Romina requested her parents help to start an entrepreneurial  venture when she received Alan Gray scholarship during her first year at University. The family strongly believes that lack of quality education is the fundamental problem that plagues our country today which manifests itself in most other ills we see today. Hence it was decided to start PPR EDUCATION, a non profit organization focused on giving back to society in an area that the whole family is passionate about. 
A number of other ventures as a part of social entrepreneurship has since started in areas to assist blind and deaf, health and publication.