Letter from Mr. Moses Montgambery Head of the Department of Education

.."Of course the fact is that our children are not getting value for taxpayer money because a percentage of paid personnel do not/cannot deliver at the required level. Interventions like yours assist us in filling this gap. And so I, together with the department, salute you for committing time, funds, energy and passion to make a difference to the children of the poor.

 The full impact of your intervention can not be easily measured. But I can assure you that you have made a huge difference to teachers and children in Inchanga. Just demonstrating that you care, was enough to get school personnel to examine their practice (the way they planned and executed their teaching). This will pay off as the years go by. But there are very exciting tangible successes to report. Siphesihle High (where you invested a lot): As you are no doubt aware, the school had pass rates of 53.5%, 45.5% and 38.9% in 2009, 2010, and 2011 respectively. In 2012, Siphesihle recorded a pass rate of 75% and came off the underperforming category. 72 of the 96 learners who entered for the examinations, passed.

So you have helped make a difference to many individual children, and you will not believe how chuffed the teachers are. I would like to see this as a tribute to our late Nokubonga who tried to do everything in her power to make the children believe in themselves".

Our district as a whole made a significant improvement in its pass rate from 68.5% in 2011 to 77.4% in 2012. This was ahead of the provincial pass rate of 73.1% and the national pass rate of 73.9%. Even when I factor out the ex model C schools and the independent schools that write the government exams, the district gets a pass rate of 75.5%. There are many other happy stories.

Finally, may I express my sincere appreciation to you for seeking out a way to assist in a very critical cause, that of supporting the children who in the main have no reason to be ambitious.

Thank you for your personal investment in time, passion and funding.