Why We Exist

A study of worst performing underprivileged schools around Durban was conducted in 2011 under the guidance  department of education KZN to identify areas where PPR EDUCATION can make a difference. Efforts by other social initiatives in these schools and their effectiveness was studied in detail. A summary of the conclusions we arrived at is listed below: 

1. Number of underprivileged schools had computers, smart boards, educational material donated to them that was lying under utilized when not damaged or stolen. 
2. Teachers lack motivation, and skill. Their skill upgrading programs were ineffective and good teachers were overburdened and sometimes ridiculed for their hard work. Technology was donated or given by dept of education but there was no program to teach them how to use it. 
3. To circumvent poor quality of teachers, some interventions focused on holding extra lessons to interested learners 
4. Learners came from very poor background with many coming to school hungry, and many having no family. The school did little to instill a culture of learning among learners.
5. School management were being pressured to up the MATRIC results, which is to have more learners get atleast 30% to get pass.  The entire focus was on numbers rather than quality of education. 

As a consequence of above a core set of principles was created for PPR EDUCATION that is listed as follows :

1. It's best to focus on one school at a time and make a difference. This difference has to be qualitative rather than quantitative improvement in education. Hence one of primary objective is to do all that is required to be done to create a culture that fosters improvement of standard of education on an ongoing basis.

2. Every teacher has an interest to become a better teacher. This rule has no exception and so applies to the worst of teachers as well. Professional growth is an important aspect of personal growth , an intrinsic feature of every living being.  Challenge is to create suitable environment to allow teachers to grow and become better teachers. One of PPR EDUCATION's primary focus is to create this environment.

3. Every learner has a desire to learn. When the school does not teach him the right lesson, he inevitably learns the wrong ones. Hence core principle of PPR EDUCATION is to create a culture of learning in school among learners.

4. There is a sense of helpless among funders. Donating to school is like donating to a black hole funds disappear with very little to show the difference it is making.  One of primary objective of PPR EDUCATION is to create concrete, measurable outputs for funders. 

5. Every school operate like an island on its own. Even if a school exist a cross the road, there is very little interaction an exchange to improve quality of education. Hence an important objective PPR EDUCATION is to create a vibrant network among schools to help free flow of information and activities to create a synergy that can be mutually beneficial. 

6. Parents and well wishers including retired teacher's who want to help find it very difficult for them to do so. Hence PPR EDUCATION seeks to make contributing to an underprivileged school simple and effective for the society.