A program to motivate High School Learners to focus on Career


Primary goal currently is to improve Maths and Science in underprivileged schools. Our method is to be based in a school (usually worst performing one) and stay on until we have made a difference.  There are 3 main programs:

  • Improving classroom teaching by use of technology in addition to upskilling and motivating teachers.
  • Run “After school Maths Support” program so learners stay back in school for couple of hours to do homework with us. They then receive video of the topic taught during the day by Whatsapp to revise the topic at home.
  • “I have a dream” program is aimed at motivating learners to begin thinking of their future from Grade 8 and have a focused approach and start making extra effort to study difficult subjects like Maths and Science.


Studies have shown large majority of high school learners in underprivileged schools do not get proper support, role models and guidance regarding career from family. Without this, learners do not see value in making extra efforts In difficult subjects like Maths & Science. Unfortunately, these subjects keeps getting more difficult as they progress to higher grades, since topics taught in a year is built on the topic taught in previous years. With majority of learners starting with weak foundation, inevitably most learner’s loose self -confidence, loose interest and give up Maths in High school. The alarmingly sharp decline in the number of learners taking maths and science in public schools every year is clear evidence of this. 

Hence the need for a program that helps learners understand the importance of taking maths and science and reason to work extra hard at them. A program that also teaches how to set goals for themselves and work in a focused manner to achieve. 

The title “I have a dream” comes from Martin Luther King’s iconic speech. It was made when America was steeped in racial inequality and despair. Just like how learners are today. 

The speech repeatedly uses the words “I have a dream” to describe a clear vision of a just society. Similarly, we ask learners to also use the same words repeatedly to describe goals they set for themselves after matric. History shows that this speech succeeded in energizing Americans to create a movement that eventually got them success. Similarly, this program also seeks to develop and sustain the enthusiasm and energy among learners right till the day they sit to write Matric exams.


There are 5 stages of this program as follows:

  • INTRODUCING : “I have a dream” program to learners in class at the start of the year. Explain why it is important to have a dream and how it can change their lives
  • ENROLMENT : Enrol learners who show commitment and set time table of engagement with learner
  • ENGAGEMENT : Analyse dream with learner so there is clear cut understanding of what is required, and steps learner need to take to get there. Regular review meetings to monitor progress between Grade 8 to Grade 12
  • EXPOSE : Arrange talks by role models in the community and in the field of interest. Factory visits, job shadowing and assistance in applying for jobs. Assist in applying to Universities and bursaries.
  • MENTOR : Arrange mentor preferably from same community who can take care of the learner for an agreed period and give them personal attention.


  • “I have a dream” program helps sponsors identify worthy learners early on (from Grade 8) and nurture them through high school to create an invaluable asset for their organization one day.
  • A big benefit of “I have a dream” program is that it allows sponsors to see the learners who are getting benefitted.
  • “I have a dream” program is scalable. It allows sponsor to start with few learners and then increase the number as they develop confidence in the program.