The core philosophy of PPR is to inject passion and technology as one of the fastest ways to improve  level of education  Programs to instill passion for work in educational institutes are dealt with in under privileged school section. Regarding technology, educational institutes have been bombarded with a number of equipments that are frequently purchased or donated then found to be sparsely used. PPR offers cutting edge technologies that gets implemented fully to help leapfrog  level of education with its powerful features.  In addition, it helps institute stand out among competition as  hi tech educational institute. 
WIFI network is usually seen as a means to an end, a faceless conduit to accessing internet facility. Not so with PPR WIFI Network . PPR WIFI network is a specialized network solution for educational institutes that allows controlled Internet access to educators and learners. It plays a vital role in implementing cloud based education.  Acts as a versatile platform to disseminate information within the institute and even help generate revenue.In addition for management, PPR WIFI Network allows full control to manage user, giving full information of time and data used by individual user. PPR WIFI Network software can be dovetailed to individual requirement.

PPR CLASS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Inspite of plethora of technologies, very little has actually changed for most educators when in classroom. Where suitable technology is available it is either too expensive or too complex for the majority of educators who are not as tech savvy as we would like them to be. PPR Classroom Management System (CMS) takes into cognizance these realities and offer tablet based that is as simple to use as a mobile phone, operates on wifi hence tablets and so don't use expensive data. PPR's CMS is a powerful tool that will revolutionize the way an educator imparts lesson in class. Powerful features like the one that allow Educator to control and manage learners tablets while in class while showing podcast, video, documents with ease. Most importantly it allows Educators to take test at regular interval during the class and get instant results to gauge extent of understanding by learners and keep them attentive in class. Finally recording facility allows educators to share with learners allowing them to learn at their own pace and catch up if they were absent. 

PPR PODCAST MAKING: PPR team assist every educators to make their own podcast online and offline. For the learners, a podcast made by their own educator is valued much more since their educator understands them the best.  Podcast making is also seen as an important tool of self development for educators who listen to themselves teach for the first time, then get opportunity to compare with podcast by other educators and so improve themselves. Podcast making is also asset creation for educators to show for the years they spent teaching. Technology helps make end-product looks professional making educator feel proud of their creation, this being especially important since teaching can sometimes appear like a thankless profession, frustrating good educators.  With under privileged schools, PPR team assist in getting material ready and introduce a system of encouraging educators to start using podcast first and then make their own

PPR ONLINE TEACHING:  Over the years , we have  known that classroom with small number of learners and a dedicated educator is the best way to impart education. The problem with this has been a universal shortage of dedicated educators and facilities. This is about to change since PPR ONLINE TEACHING provides all the benefits of personalized approach of the classic face to face classroom teaching and in addition offer new benefits that technology brings in. Hence with PPR ONLINE TEACHING all the great features of PPR CMS are available, this time beyond the confines of a classroom. This is specially useful due to major shortage of educators, classrooms and resources in South Africa today. In addition, colleges and Universities use this module to bridge the skill shortage on temporary basis and also to upgrade education levels and college reputation.
PPR TUITION:If PPR Online Teaching gives an opportunity for an educator to teach beyond a class room, it is just as important for a learner to seek an educator beyond the confines of his classroom as well. PPR TUITION  module provides data base of well qualified and experienced Educators from around the world  to give learners opportunity to seek specific help with a topic or whole subject. Educators meet learners at  an agreed time and on one to one teaching takes place to the satisfaction of learners.