Career orientation program

CAREER DAY takes place once a month. 
This takes place after school hours and is attended by all students from Grade 10 to 12, since thinking about choice of career has to start from grade 10 onwards. It is usually held at the school assembly hall.
One or two career is focused upon at a time, Professionals from the industry are invited to give a talk. This is followed by PPT that gives all details of requirement is provided to interested learners by PPR team, This is what  PPR has to prepare. 
Visits by learners to professionals place of work to spend a day job shadowing or an hour seeing the place is arranged, during holiday period.
1. Getting learners interested in a career is the best way to get him interested in studies. Hence focus of Career Day is to develop interest among learners in a career, and then give all assistance to foster that interest.
2. Monthly Career day focuses on various career all thru the year, hence are able to do cover more careers, invite more professionals, and do a much better job of developing interest for a career in a learner than the annual career day that takes place in other schools.
3. Career day is also an opportunity to invite professionals and get them to take interest in the school. Motivational speakers and sponsors are also invited.