Community involvement program

One of the important aspect of PPR program is that it brings school and community closer. This is very important since today school operate in isolation with only Matric results and outstanding sports achievements as the only measure by the community to gauge performance of school. A certain helplessness prevails in community since their attempt to assist by donating equipments , software etc appear to make no tangible difference. Hence PPR systems sought to correct this with help of following measures: 
1) Organize career day once a month, wherein professionals get to speak about career in their field.  Motivational speakers, funders and leaders of local community are also invited to participate. 
2) Release PPR Newsletter on a regular basis to circulate within the school and to community around to showcase the good taking place in school. The newsletter serves as a vehicle of encouraging the good and involving local community.
3) Under privileged schools are usually overcrowded making teaching in class very difficult. Hence PPR breaks the class into learners study team with max 5 learners per team. Each team is given time to study together, give test at PPR Centre to score points that they can accumulate and convert into rewards. This makes studying enjoyable for learners. Rewards are sponsored by community. 
4) The number of podcast a teacher makes and/ or uses in class in a year is a measure of efforts put in by teachers. Communities encouraged to set up rewards for teachers who reach agreed levels within a year. Rewarding efforts put in is seen to be far more effective as a motivational tool than rewarding good results as what happens now.