Create Learning Centre in school

Learning Centre acts as help desk for educators and learners to assist with difficulties they have regarding educational matters. In addition, to to implementing for PPR program,  PPR team gets involved in implementing a number of other informal projects that is holding the school back academically. The informal projects are briefly explained first before list of formal projects to give a better understanding of the vital role they play

It is important to note PPR system is usually implemented in under performing under privileged schools. Very many things usually has gone wrong in such schools that requires fixing first if educators are to start focusing on the task of improving themselves and for learners begin taking interest in studies. A few examples : A number of children come to school hungry and stay that way all day. They show very little energy to concentrate on studies. Some girls will stop to class few days in a month since they cannot afford to buy sanitary napkins. Few children can be seen walking  long distance every day to school, but without school shoes. Similarly science teacher battles to teach science without a proper laboratory and geography teacher without a map. The list goes on.. PPR teams role is create a team that will address each issue and get local community support to assist. Helping school to find solutions to their problems create a goodwill for the PPR team that then channeled to further the formal PPR programs.  

Condition of a school's library is a true reflection of school's academic performance. Hence all under performing schools have either very poor library or none at all, and is where PPR LEARNING CENTER is located.Investment in applying fresh coat of paint, some furniture and couple of computers is essential to create a welcoming environment for educators as much as learners. 

The formal work of PPR team involves helping educators make podcast, editing, producing and distribution. Many of the podcast is redone using local language to make it easier to understand for learners. Class gets broken into formal study groups. These groups are used work as a team during free class by PPR team to complete assignments,  gain points and rewards.