Instill a culture of learning

One of the primary focus of PPR Education program is to make learning a popular, enjoyable thing to do instead of being a burden. Some of the measures that help achieve this objective is as follows:
1. Introduce technology. Learners love to try out new technology , hence PPR helps introduce technology that can be properly used in school.
2. Make available best of educational podcast. Podcast are translated in local language to ensure and so learner can listen to same podcast in local language and in English to ensure they comprehend fully.
3. Teachers are encouraged and assisted to make own podcast. These podcasts are burnt into DVD and given to learners to take home. For most learners taking this DVD home is like taking their teacher home for private tuition, now they can pause  and replay podcast so each learner can understand that their own pace. 
4. Learners are grouped into Learners Study Teams of max 5 learners. Studying together, taking exam together , gaining points and rewards help develop team spirit and make study topics discussed regularly among learners. 
5. Presence of mentor for each study team helps learners to understand better and be motivated.