PPR online tuitions

It is a sad irony that the need for personalized teaching is required most by learners who can afford the least. On the other hand, overcrowded classrooms and ill equipped teachers make classroom education very much to be desired, making personalized teaching more important. 
PPR systems help alleviate this by putting forth a number of measures as listed below:
1. Learners are grouped together into study teams of approx 5 learners per team. One learner is designared a leader. Teams study together, give test together and score points as a team. Team spirit is consciously developed to help each other especially weaker learners in the team. Progress of each team is monitored by PPR team.
2.  Every team has a mentor who is generally a senior student volunteering.. Mentors meet their team atleast once a week.
3. Teams maay also have outside mentor who assist team thru PPR's class and tuition module. These are described in details in elsewhere.