Output based sponsorship program

It is common to find donations given to under privileged schools showing very little long term benefit to school. It's been a major cause of frustration for donors  to find computers, projectors and smart boards lying unused in schools that are performing badly. 
PPR program begins with setting up Learning Centre in school with a PPR team permanently based in school to ensure that equipments are used and safe guarded properly. 
Under privileged schools have various  needs on a day to day basis that is not met by formal structures. PPR team assist in working with FUNDERS to ensure these are efficiently addressed to so learners and teachers can focus on education. 
PPR team works as an important conduit for funders to asses efforts taking place by teachers and learners. Hence PPR team can report the number of podcast made or used by a teacher as a measure of efforts put in by teacher. Similarly performance of each Learners Study Team is reported in detail to funders.
Innovative rewarding system can be worked out with funders to further motivate teacher's and Study teams.