Rekindle the joys of teaching

A major challenge in underprivileged school are that educators are not trained and motivated as they should be. PPR Education System has an effective way of addressing this problem. 

1. PPR team at the learning centre develops a rapport with the educators assisting them in the many day to day challenges that is faced in underprivileged schools.
2. Large number of educators are not comfortable with technology. POR team assist them get comfortable with technology. Help them use podcast in class and listen to podcast by other educators for them to up skill  as well. 
3. Assisting educators make their own podcast and listen to themselves teach is a major self development tool.
4. Educators are overwhelmed by large number of learners in class. Breaking the class into study teams by PPR with mentor for each team , helps reduce workload.
5. Partnership with educators of other school to share information and co-present classes helps motivate educators motivate each other.
6. Recognition and rewarding  of effort that educator makes instead of relying only on results serves as a major motivational tool as well.