Wifi Network

Ppr wifi network from PPR Education
WIFI network is usually seen as a means to an end, a faceless conduit to accessing internet facility. Not so with PPR WIFI Network . PPR WIFI network is a specialized network solution for educational institutes that allows controlled Internet access to educators and learners. Plays a vital role in implementing cloud based education.  Acts as a versatile platform to disseminate information within the institute. It can even help generate revenue.In addition for management, PPR WIFI Network allows full control to manage user, giving full information of time and data used by individual user  PPR WIFI Network software can be dovetailed to individual requirement.
A) Allows educators to place all syllabus study notes and podcast they make online for access by their learners only. 
B) Allows controlled access of Internet to learners to access only educational material from the Internet, in addition to material placed by their teachers.
C) Allows online test that learners can partake using their smart phones, tablets etc. 
D) Allows management to use wi fi as  information  board to provide important information about school and reminders 
E) Creates a platform of recognition for good work done by educators and learners and school management. 
F) Broadcast social messages and a platform for advertisement that is beneficial to school.
As detailed write up is available  elsewhere on this website.