We support schools using podcasts, partnerships and recognition (PPR).​


Podcasts, videos, and technology more broadly are used to make class lessons more engaging and enable learners to revise at home at their own pace.

  • Class sessions are recorded using Camtasia software and shared with students via USB or phone app.
  • Relevant third party content is shared with students to supplement teacher-led discussions.


We believe it takes a village to raise and educate a child. Therefore we partner with all relevant stakeholders.

  • Teachers: Teachers are the key to creating lasting, sustainable change. We work hand-in-hand with them to refresh their lesson plans and introduce technology in the classroom.
  • Community: We source tutors from the local community to run after-school lessons, thereby providing training and jobs to those seeking employment..
  • Businesses: We obtain funding and mentorship from local businesses who have a vested interest in building up the surrounding community.


Why should learning and teaching should no longer be lonely and thankless endeavors? We believe deserving students and teachers should be rewarded for their efforts on a regular basis.

  • Classes that show the most improvement (i.e. not just the highest scores) are publicly acknowledged and treated to a lunch and prizes from sponsors.
  • Teachers that are nominated for outstanding efforts (i.e. not just results) by the PPR staff are awarded prizes from sponsors