We have worked with Sithokozile Secondary School in Durban for 25 years,
and our Students and Partners have achieved resounding results.​


  • Matric results in Maths and Science drastically increased from X% and Y% in 20ZZ to A% and B% in 20CC respectfully.
  • PPR ran after-school maths tuition classes for Grade 8’s and saw the pass rate improve from 20% to 46% in just X weeks.
  • Sithokozile was awarded XX from the Department of Education in 20XX.


  • Teachers have begun successfully using technology and team-teaching in their classes.
  • The current principal is thrilled with the positive results and has requested PPR to continue assisting the school.
  • Parents are actively requesting PPR to run after-school tuition for more grades and subjects.
  • Our main sponsor has agreed to fund a larger after-school tuition program which is due to start in 2019 Q3.
  • PPR has become well-known in the community and neighboring schools are reaching out for assistance.