To equip our youth to build the South Africa of their dreams.


The most powerful way to do this is by providing high quality education. But today we are falling severely short.

  •  Of the learners enrolled in Grade 1, only 40% pass Grade 12 within 12 years, with the majority needing to repeat grades or dropping out.
  •  In international comparative tests, South African learners consistently perform badly, often worse than those in poorer developing countries.
  • More than half of Grade 12 graduates don’t have sufficient basic skills to get work in any sector of the economy.


To shape South Africa’s industries and economy, our youth needs to be proficient in Maths, Science and Digital skills. But today very few are.

  • Majority of public school students don’t take Maths and Science to Grade 12 because they are considered “too hard”. Of those that do, less than a third get above 50% due to weak foundational knowledge.
  • Public school learners aren’t taught basic digital and technological skills (such as typing and sending emails) during school, which makes it difficult for them to succeed at tertiary institutions or in entry-level roles.
  • The result is that South Africa is suffering from a major skills shortage across all sectors, and most acutely in technical fields, such as Information & Communications Technology and Engineering.


South African youth need to create their own opportunities by working hard and taking charge of their future. But today they lack exposure as to what’s possible.

  • The South African education system has no structured career guidance programme to help students understand their post-school options and the requirements of each.
  • Currently youth unemployment in South Africa is over 50%, but very few young people are making the transition from job seekers to job creators by becoming entrepreneurs.