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About Us

PPR Education programs are about making changes from within public schools that are hugely under-resourced and carry the bulk of the burden of education in South Africa. It is about formalizing society’s contribution to fill the space in public schools where existing formal structures are unable to do so effectively.

Hence PPR’s role will evolve with time but for now our
vision for the next 5 to 10 years period is as follows.

Join us for Supporting the Cause

We are trying to help the community which needs our support. We are trying to build the future of the nation through good quality education using the advantages of technology. 

Donate for the Good Cause

We need donations in the form of FUNDING, TECHNOLOGY and PRIZES to support our efforts.


Who do we support

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Public Schools

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High Schools

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Underprivileged Communities

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How do we do


We work with teachers to bring passion and enjoyment into the lessons they teach and make them more comfortable using technology to do so.


We set-up and run after-school Maths and Science tuition, especially for Grade 8 and 9 because classes are huge and it’s easy to get left behind.


We help students research career opportunities, create resumes, and fill in university application and financial aid forms. We also help in planning Annual Career Fairs at the school.

Meet Our Team


We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds united by our passionfor changing lives through education.

We believe it takes a village to raise and educate a child. Therefore
we partner with all relevant stakeholders.Teachers are the key to creating lasting, sustainable change. We work hand-in-hand with them to refresh their lesson plans and introduce technology in the classroom.

We source tutors from the local community to run after-school
lessons, thereby providing training and jobs to those seeking employment.

Mohan Nair
Mohan Nair
Romina Nair
Romina Nair

Results till date




  • Matric results in Maths and Science drastically increased from X% and Y% in 20ZZ to A% and B% in 20CC respectfully.
  • PPR ran after-school maths tuition classes for Grade 8’s and saw the pass rate improve from 20% to 46% in just X weeks.
  • Sithokozile was awarded XX from the Department of Education in 20 XX .


  • Teachers have begun successfully using technology and team-teaching in their classes.
  • The current principal is thrilled with the positive results and has requested PPR to continue assisting the school.
  • Parents are actively requesting PPR to run after-school tuition for more grades and subjects.
  • Our main sponsor has agreed to fund a larger after-school tuition program which is due to start in 2019 Q3.
  • PPR has become well-known in the community and neighboring schools are reaching out for assistance.

Needs of the program



​We need to funds in order to hire PPR Leaders and tutors.


We need projectors and projector sheets, Android tablets, laptops and power speakers.


We need incentives to award to high-performing students and teachers, for example: airtime, McDonalds meal vouchers, snacks, school bags etc.

Benefits to the sponsors


CSR Programs

Our approach of directing your funds towards one school each year allows us to accurately measure and report back on the real differences your support is making on student academics and tutor job creation within that school.

BBBEE Benefits

​As a registered NPO, our certificate can be used to improve your BBBEE score.

Advertising Opportunities

Sponsoring a school gives you the opportunity to advertise to its students, parents and teachers. Additionally, rewarding teachers and learners will help build a good reputation for your firm within the community.

Pipeline of Young Talent

The PPR Education program can help you identify promising learners, from as early as Grade 8, to be sponsored for tertiary education or groomed for entry-level roles within your company.